If you are looking for a universal solution to achieve                                                                                  

  • highest mechanical strength properties and an excellent resistance against corrosion
  • optimal protection against abrasive and adhesive wear and the perfect surface slip
    different parts
  • consistently high precision and quality and a minimum of distortion

ELTRO Group headquarters are based in Baesweiler in Germany and manufactures, develops
and constructs all of our equipment at this site. ELTROPULS Plasma-Technology is specially
customized for customers' needs for NITRIDING, NITROCARBURIZING and POSTOXIDATION.




Besides the plant engineering and construction ELTRO offers the ELTROPULS Process to customer-specific components at the headquarters in Germany as well as at various locations in Europe and in the US. Since 20 years Eltro GB Ltd is based in UK. With different sized plasma furnaces we guarantee customers optimal treatment of small or big parts as single components up to batch-production.

ELTRO's growth is due to steady enhancements and being one of the leading contractors for industrial puls-plasma-nitriding-technology since inventing the technology in 1980. Leading companies trust in the solutions made by ELTRO. The most important business sectors are

  • automotive industry and its components suppliers
  • aerospace industry
  • plant construction
  • mould and tool construction
  • food industry
  • racing

ELTRO operates small series up to large series and helps to find the best solution for your parts.