Plasma nitriding of stainless steels at low temperatures


Plasma nitriding of stainless steels at low temperatures

A COOL solution for the wear protection of stainless steels

Rustproof steels have exceptional corrosion resistance, but their resistance to wear is very low. Through plasma nitriding, hardness and wear resistance are heavily increased. However, corrosion resistance is simultaneously reduced. Following treatment with the Eltro-Corr process, your component is protected against wear and the corrosion resistance is nearly not affected!

How it works is both very simple and unbeatably brilliant. At low temperatures, no chrome precipitate forms on the component surface. Therefore, the chrome can react on the surface after the nitriding with the ambient oxygen, forming a chromium oxide layer (passive layer) to protect against corrosion – exactly the same as a non-nitrided stainless steel. By choosing the Eltro-Corr parameters, the surface hardness can be configured according to your requirements.

Processes such as Kolsterisng® or S³P ® can be replaced by the Eltro-Corr process. There is also the option of partially treating your component. As a result, your workpiece will remain easy to weld and compress!

Compound layer: 0 µm
Diffusion layer: 5-65 µm
Surface hardness: >800 HV0,05
Nitriding temperature: 380°C-460°C

Some application examples:

  • Component from solenoid valves
  • Components from injection pumps, injection needles
  • Components from food machines


  • Optimum wear resistance
  • Preservation of corrosion resistance
  • Possibility of partial treatment
  • Only minor change to magnetic properties
  • Minor dimensional changes

  • No follow-up treatment required
  • Cost-effective due to comparatively low process time
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Plasma nitride stainless steel the ideal way

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