Plasma nitriding systems

Plasma nitriding systems

Bespoke and

Plasma nitriding systems

Bespoke and

Individual plasma nitriding systems for your requirements

Every customer has different wishes and requirements. We fulfil them. Our quality promise is always the same: Every plant we make works reliably and precisely to deliver consistent, reproducible finishing results. Items we supply include:

  • Individual plants as bell-type or pit-type furnaces: Bell-type plants are very operator-friendly; pit-type furnaces are exceptionally well suited to nitriding long, slim components that easily warp, such as spindles, extruder screws and shafts, or for automatic loading.
  • Double-base systems as bell-type furnaces: Double-base systems enable you to use one base for nitriding while preparing the next batch on the other base. The changeover occurs automatically when the process has finished.
  • Unorthodox solutions such as rotary furnace vacuum systems

As standard, our systems are available in various sizes and can be integrated easily into your manufacturing. We have implemented everything – heights from 0.5 to 6 m, diameters from 0.45 to 6 m and component weights from 2 g to 40 t. All systems are offered as standard systems at 20 cm diameter 25 cm height.

Plasma nitriding systems | Individual plant

Individual plant

Plasma nitriding systems | Double-base system

Double-base system

Plasma nitriding systems | pit-type furnace

pit-type furnace

Want to buy a standard plasma nitriding plant?

We offer the following standard plants:

Effective height in m
1 1,25 1,5 1,75 2 2,25 2,5 2,75 3 3,25 3,5 3,75 4
Nominal diameter in cm

Require different dimensions? Get in touch with us! We have already produced everything up to 6 m in diameter.

Interested in having your own nitriding plant?

We would be delighted to start by analysing your challenge in our in-house materials laboratory. Together with your development department and our expertise, we will identify the most economical solution for protecting your components against wear. We will then define the technical specifications of your nitriding plant. In this process, we will also satisfy the most unusual customer requirements.

Your plant is fully erected at our headquarters and put through its paces, regardless of its size. Your nitriding plant will only be assembled in your factory hall once it has passed a trial run with flying colours.

Choose reliable plasma nitriding systems

Choose reliable plasma nitriding systems

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